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Bolt-in IRS Kits

by Indian Automotive
Price $4,648.00

Made in Australia

The best part of our IRS kit is that it bolts in. The Pivot Box that fits to the torsion bar housing, that houses the rear control arm, bolts in and can be rotated adjusting the camber and the toe.

The more the pivot box is rotated upward toward the floor area the less camber you will have even producing positive camber like standard splitters.

As the bus is lowered, the pivot box should be adjusted as well, to keep the wheels as straight up and down as possible.

To reduce or increase toe with the rear wheels, the pivot box needs to be moved outward to reduce toe and moved inwards to increase toe. Toe in is best, but almost impossible to predict if the pivot box is being welding in and the bus is off the ground.

Vanwinkle was 7.5” lower than standard and the rear wheels sit perfect on the road.

Our clamps and shock mounts are Lazer Cut, CNC folded and welded together in a carefully made Jig so all clamps are exactly the same.

We use a standard arm modifed to suit the rear end of the split screen bus.
We used to use a camber/toe adjuster on the end of the control arm, but after several years of testing the set up, we believe that the best adjustment was from the clamps anyway.

The new kit supplied with Shock mounts, Rebound mounts Clamps, control arms with all hardware, Instructions and a list of other components to be taken from donors.

If its really low you want your split, ask about our drop plates and adjustable rear spring plates.

Note: Kits are supplied only with Exchange controls/trailing arms supplied from a 72 to 79 T2 ONLY.

Please note that fitting an IRS Kit is a modification to your vehicle and will require an engineer’s report once fitted for it to be legal in your state for registration and insurance purposes. No warranty will be entered into unless the vehicle modified has had an engineer’s report certifying the installation.

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