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Everything nowadays is computerised. Modern cars are no exception being packed with an array of sensors chips gadgets and processors all designed to keep it running and, when it comes to servicing, guide the technician to which parts need maintenance or replacement.

The modern car is designed so that the computer systems dictate what needs to be done at any particular service. Often the first thing an automotive technician will do at the service is plug the car's computer into a diagnostic machine which then spits out the details of the cars performance and a list of what work needs to be done.

So what happens then when your car does not have a computer to tell the technician what to do?

You need a mechanic who has an extensive knowledge and experience of the way the car runs and common problems to look for. Which parts need to be checked to make sure that they are still fitted and working as they should. The type of mechanic who can tell how old the oil is by its colour and smell. You cannot find this type of mechanic in a modern workshop. Just as much as we do not claim to know all of the different fault codes for a modern car most modern mechanics simply do not have the experience and expertise that is needed to work on older Volkswagen and Porsche.

Even in the short time of taking over the business at Indian Automotive we have found a number of common problems on the vehicles that we have had in the workshop for service. Issues that can arise either when the car is not serviced by someone experienced with these older models or infrequently serviced. Everything from loose wheels to badly fitted and incorrect fuel pumps and lines. Not only can these issues cause a lot of secondary damage to your vehicle if they go unchecked but in some cases can make the car unsafe. These types of problems are not going to get picked up when you get the pink slip either.

Servicing of these older engines requires a specialist and that is what we are all about. Decades of combined experience working on older Volkswagen and Porsche allows us to look after your car and your passengers in a way that a modern mechanic cannot.

These classic cars can be a joy to drive and can be quite reliable when properly cared for. 

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