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6 Volt Optima Battery Red Top

by Indian Automotive
Price $290.00

If you have trouble starting your car in the morning with a regular 6 volt battery then you need to change to this 6 volt Battery. You will crank it over first time!

Voltage: 6v

Terminal: SAE

Assembly: CENT

CCA 800


L 254 x W 91 x H 205 mm

Strongest starting burst

Up to 3X longer life

15 times more vibration-resistant

Virtually spill proof

Mountable in virtually any position


Faster re-charging

Optimal starting power

Optima Red Top batteries are designed to excel in applications involving automotive and industrial equipment in a conventional starting and operating scenario, i.e. one where the battery is used for starting, ignition and powering typical levels of electrical loads and where its power reserves are replenished by the vehicle's alternator comfortably. Boasting incredible cranking power thanks to the unique form of 'Spiralcell' Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) construction, Optima Red Top batteries are ideal for use in cars, SUVs, 4WDs, utes, vans, trucks and a wide variety of industrial or construction equipment that need to start and run reliably and consistently on a regular basis - Optima, battery performance you can rely on.

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